Dates: 23 October ~ 21 November
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Scorpio Career Horoscope Today

Wednesday: July 08, 2020

Don't let anxiety at work trickle into your dreams. Tirelessly searching for that file in your sleep will leave you exhausted. Equip your mind with windshield wipers. Learn to wipe away your workaday thoughts.

Scorpio Career Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday: July 09, 2020

Sometimes the fastest way is the highway, and at other times taking the back roads will get you there more quickly. The way to your goal has the same kind of possible paths. Now figure out which is the better one.

Scorpio Career Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday: July 07, 2020

A meeting may start out agonizingly slow, but about halfway through, a long-simmering argument will blast through the monotony. Shield yourself.


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