Dates: 23 October ~ 21 November
Scorpio Background

Career & Work

Scorpio in Career & Work

Scorpios have a very curious mind, they love mysteries and all that is hidden hence they can do very well as researchers, detectives, psychologists etc. They are very good in unearthing the answers and mysteries, so they can be good journalists, investigators as well. They are very passionate and courageous and they carry the same trait in their jobs as well. They are highly dedicated and do their work with great passion. They never hesitate to fulfill them without much supervision. They are highly disciplined and focused.

They do not like to mess around with their job and do it with utmost sincerity. They prefer power and position in career. Some of the best career options for them are doctors,, ecologists, managers, investigators, engineers, navigators, secret agents, analysts, psychologists, archaeologists, intelligence officers, computer programmers etc. They can be very good colleagues but its best not to mess around with them. They do not like interference in their work and they will not tolerate people trying to mess up with them.

They have a very good memory and are very intelligent; they can store large amounts of information in their mind. Scorpio men wants to use their intelligence to make a difference in the world and do not even hesitate to enter politics to work for the people and their good. They have all the qualities in them to attract people towards their work and cause. Scorpio wants to stick to more traditional professions like teaching, medicine etc.


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