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Scorpio Horoscope Today

Thursday: August 06, 2020

You and a friend have opposing ideas about what to do, and the tension might be getting so hot that you're thinking of cutting them off altogether. What's the best way to solve this problem? Compromise! It is no surprise that in order for you both to get what you want, you'll both have to give up a little of what you want. Approach them with a suggestion that makes you both happy, and stop this silly tug-of-war. Power plays have no place in this relationship.

Scorpio Horoscope Tomorrow

Friday: August 07, 2020

Your ambition is growing larger than your current schedule can accommodate right now. You might find it difficult to fit in any new projects. Maintenance is going to take up more of your day than new brainstorming, but you'll find a quiet comfort in it. It's going to be a nice change of pace from all the hustle and bustle you've been experiencing. Concentrate on finishing things. You'll love checking things off your to-do list.

Scorpio Horoscope Yesterday

Wednesday: August 05, 2020

Are you regretting a recent impulse buy? It's not surprising. You're growing more conservative about your purchases, and now you're looking at that silly gadget, overpriced trinket, or too-trendy outfit with new eyes. If you can return it, do so. It might not be convenient, but it will make you feel better about yourself. If you can't return it, consider giving it to a friend who may enjoy it more than you. You can address this feeling and fix it at the same time.


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