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Monday: April 22, 2019

One good turn deserves another, so do a helpful friend a favor today. This friend might need company while waiting for a repairman, or might just need someone to run a few small errands. Short of giving up one of your vital organs, you should quickly and eagerly give what's asked for today. Chances are, your pal just wants some of your time. The two of you will make the chore fun and even squeeze in a little bonding time.

Scorpio Horoscope Tomorrow

Tuesday: April 23, 2019

Making decisions may be hard for you today, but this doesn't mean that you're losing your razor-sharp discernment. One explanation could be rattled confidence—why are you doubting yourself right now? You need to give yourself a good long look in the mirror! Remind yourself that you can't stop moving forward in your life just because you've made one or two mistakes. If you can't make a choice, then just make an educated guess. You can handle the outcome—and thrive.

Scorpio Horoscope Yesterday

Sunday: April 21, 2019

If you need more clarity about an upcoming decision or a recurring problem, you will find some hope today—but first, you need to get a handle on scheduling and other details. Once all of your time issues are settled, your vision will start to become much more vivid—and you may see that what you used to think were problems are really just intriguing new puzzles to solve. Wrap your mind around all of your options, and before this day is over, you will know what tomorrow could bring.


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