Dates: 23 October ~ 21 November
Scorpio Background

How To Attract

Different ways to attract Scorpio

Scorpios love mystery and passion. This is one thing that keeps them going. Hence always keep them occupied with questions and mysteries. They like truth, even if it is bitter, so always be truthful to them. Never try to cheat them as they will not take it lightly. They like being involved in matters and extending help, so allow them to do so. They will appreciate the importance given to them.

They like doing works that are meaningful and things that make a difference, hence they will not leave a chance to get involved in such works. If you can provide him/her company in such works he/she can become a good friend. They are very persuasive. They like to get their things done their way, so if your intention is to please them, then let them have their way.

They do not like people trying to hinder their work, so never try to create an obstacle for them. They do not like people who try to take advantage of them, so even if they are helpful and friendly never take them for granted. They can make out what is false flattery and praise, so never give one to them. Be honest and truthful, they will value it a lot.


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