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Scorpio Love Horoscope Today

Wednesday: November 17, 2021

Today's Love: Steer away from power struggles, Scorpio. Single or already romantically attached, keeping an open mind will more than likely work in your favor during this time. Then again, this is easier said than done when considering today's erratic opposition between the moon and Uranus — via your seventh house of significant others — versus audacious Mars in your sign. While there's nothing wrong with asserting your will and expressing your bold passions, the essence of Uranus isn't necessarily reliable. In fact, it's bound to catch you off guard, so nothing is set in stone during this time. Fortunately, Luna will be in harmony with Venus, so spontaneous romance may lead to something long-term.

Today's Dating: Your command of the details is amazing, so make something sweet happen! Get out some paper paper, or maybe a spreadsheet if you're that kind of geek, and make a list or plan your next big gathering or scheme. It's time for some serious fun.

Scorpio Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday: November 18, 2021

Tomorrow's Love: Before the moon concludes its journey through your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others, it will make a direct opposition to savvy Mercury in your sign. Scorpio, you have so much to say and yet, you're consciously choosing to keep to yourself. On a brighter note, both the moon and Mercury will be in harmony with elusive Neptune, which, in turn, brings forth the opportunity to embrace the spirituality of a particular connection. Telepathic communication much? When you know, you know, and you can intuitively sense that there is something taking place behind the scenes. Don't lose hope.

Tomorrow's Dating: It might feel as if you're looking through water today. Your dreams will carry over into the waking hours, so don't just drink coffee and try to shake it off. Your intuition is at a high point. Use it to your advantage.

Scorpio Love Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday: November 16, 2021

Yesterday's Love: The more you insist on being fixated, the longer it takes to manifest itself, Scorpio. Fortunately, whether you're single or romantically attached, today's moon will continue to glimmer through your orderly sixth house of due diligence, which means you have more than enough to keep you distracted. However, the moon's square to Pluto could trigger an emotional series of highs and lows, but not if you find a healthy outlet. Warning: steer away from power struggles and/or authoritative behavior. The sun's sextile to Pluto sheds light on the transformation taking place, and all you can do is surrender.

Yesterday's Dating: Make plans for something special, especially involving your favorite people. When was the last time you spent some quality time with friends? Every relationship needs a recharge, and it's easy to forget that with those closest to us.


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