Dates: 23 October ~ 21 November
Scorpio Background

Man Traits Personality & Characteristics

The Scorpio Man

A Scorpio man is mysterious as well as charming. They are very secretive about their affairs and activities. They also have a very sharp gaze and penetrating eyes that can scrutinize anything and everything. They are very good in reading people and their minds. They do not easily open up with other people and keep all the activities hidden from others. Never expect them to reveal their secrets to you.

They keep it closely guarded. You might know him for a lifetime but will still not be able to know everything about him. A Scorpio man is the most passionate lover one can find. He is not only passionate about love but about everything he does. He will put his heart and soul to anything he does. Be it love or hate, he does both of it passionately. He is tough from outside but soft on the inside. He is very emotional but will never reveal it and will act to be tough from the outside even though he is very soft and emotional on the inside.

They are ruled by their heart than their mind most of the time. They are very intelligent, logical and analytical. They are wise, mature and much more thoughtful than their age. They are very ambitious about their goals and will do anything to achieve their aim in life. They are easily attracted to power and position in life. One of the most common negative traits about a Scorpio is their vindictiveness.


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