Dates: 23 October ~ 21 November
Scorpio Background

Scorpio & Cancer Compatibility

Deep, intense attraction: Highest compatibility, best match

Scorpio with Cancer

Fantastic match. This is a couple destined to stay together forever. Cancer appreciates Scorpio's intensity is totally attracted to their magnetism and sensuality, while Scorpio has found such a sensual, caring and loving person who will do anything for them. The loyalty they show each other is amazing and unfaltering.

They feel safe in each other's arms, as they know nothing can hurt them because they are together. Scorpio's strength is a boon for Cancer, who needs a strong partner to take care of them, yet conversely Cancer's nurturing nature is something Scorpio appreciates a lot. They are both sensitive emotionally to the world and to each other, they have a lot of intuition which is enhanced when they are together.

Sexually, they know exactly how to please each other - both treat their sexual union as sacred, which only makes it better between them. Interestingly, their jealousy and possessiveness makes the other feel secure. This a relationship that will last.


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