Dates: 23 October ~ 21 November
Scorpio Background

Scorpio & Gemini Compatibility

Fatal attraction: Very incompatible, not much understanding

Scorpio with Gemini

Both Gemini and Scorpio seem to have this intense fascination with each other - Gemini is intrigued by this intense, magnetic and emotional Scorpio person while Scorpio seems to be totally enthralled with this exceptionally intelligent, interesting and entertaining Gemini person. They will be very attracted to one another and it would seem that it is a perfect match for both. But no.

This match is not recommended for either. Because Gemini does not like to feel their emotions they are often attracted to emotional people and no-one is more emotional than Scorpio. Gemini would do well to leave Scorpio alone, as it will soon become apparent that Scorpio needs a soul connection, while Gemini is quite happy to flit on the surface and never get that emotional.

Gemini will incur Scorpio's wrath, not only their jealousy and Scorpio will soon realize that this is not for them. This may not even work even if there are other compatible factors in both charts because of the clash of personality traits.


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