Dates: 23 October ~ 21 November
Scorpio Background

Scorpio & Libra Compatibility

Too intense, wont work: Very incompatible, not much understanding

Scorpio with Libra

There is definitely an attraction between these two when they first meet. Scorpio is intrigued by the charming, attractive and very presentable Libra. Meanwhile, Libra is very attracted to the strong, magnetic and intense Scorpio. But, their emotional moods are totally mismatched.

Scorpio is intense, very emotional and quite moody with a pen-chance for emotional drama - which is the very thing that Libra cannot handle. Libra wants to coast on the surface of feelings and emotions and not get too deep, which will frustrate Scorpio no end, as they want to feel an intense love connection, not just frivolous romantic notions which do not mean much to them.

Libra's flirty behavior with others will anger Scorpio and bring their jealousy to the fore, which will result in more emotional dramas, which Libra cannot handle and one too many, then Libra will soon disappear, for good. This can only work if there are other very strong compatible factors in their charts.


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