Dates: 23 October ~ 21 November
Scorpio Background

Scorpio & Pisces Compatibility

Intense attraction: Highest compatibility, best match

Scorpio with Pisces

Wonderful match for both. There is a very strong attraction between these two, who as soon as they meet, they know they have met a soul mate and as both believe in soul mates, this is a magical connection for them. Pisces is dreamy, emotional and imaginative, which suits Scorpio just fine.

Scorpio is intense, magnetic and emotional, which is perfect for Pisces. Scorpio takes the lead in this relationship both in and out of the bedroom, which is exactly what Pisces needs. When they make love, they have a spiritual union of mind, body and soul, which is healing for both of them.

Pisces gives Scorpio the adoration and admiration they secretly crave. Both have very strong emotional needs that they fulfill within each other, which means they will share a very special emotional/spiritual bond with each other. This is the perfect match for both and will last long-term.


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