Dates: 23 October ~ 21 November
Scorpio Background

Traits Personality & Characteristics

  • Motto : "I wish!"
  • Color : Red, Black, Emerald Green and Topaz
  • Planet : Mars
  • Season : Autumn
  • Element : Water
  • Quality : Immovable
  • Metal : Iron
  • Day : Tuesday
  • Happy numbers : 9
  • Precious stones : Garnet, emerald, opal, topaz
  • Compatible Zodiac Signs : Cancer, Pisces
  • In-compatible Zodiac Signs : Leo, Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius

Scorpio is symbolized by the Scorpion. It is a Fixed Water sign. Their positive characteristics are Passionate, Motivated, Determined, Intuitive, Resourceful, Investigative and Probing. Their negative characteristics are Secretive, Jealous, Suspicious, Vengeful, Temperamental, Overbearing, Violent, Intolerant and Sarcastic.

Eighth amongst the Zodiac signs, Scorpions are passionate, strong-willed and possessive. They are curious and inquisitive about the things that are happening around them. Never can a thing happen around a Scorpion, without his/her knowledge. More so, just knowledge to them is not ample.

They need adequate explanations and justifications as well. They adapt well to changes provided these changes have been made according to their needs. If not, they might as well prove to be immensely stubborn.

They are doers in the truest sense of the word. While all others might lose stamina and motivation while doing a task, no Scorpion will ever leave a task undone or unattended to. Just assign one to them and you can be sure that it will be done.

On surface, they might appear to be extremely cheerful, gregarious and happy but their inner self is filled with a tenacity that they formidably follow with devotion. Scorpions are emotional people and at that they share a similar trait with Cancer.

However unlike most Cancerians, they are perfectly in hold of their emotions and in spite of expressing them in bursts at times, they control themselves remarkably. Sarcasm is one thing that they cannot bear and there can hardly be anybody in the bad books of a Scorpio, who has committed a blunder and gotten away with it.

Revenge is a must and the Scorpion ensures it sets the wrong right. Intensity, depth, energy and arrogance are the four keywords that scorpions devotedly display in their lives. They love situations which are challenging and thereby are well into any kind of competition.

Usually they would emerge victorious but if not- they are also not gracious losers. They would set out to hard practice until they win the game. Scorpio colors are Red, black and Emerald green and their birthstone is Topaz - impenetrable and thereby inquisitive.

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