Dates: 23 October ~ 21 November
Scorpio Background

Weekly Horoscope

The 28th Week of 2020

Begins at: Monday: July 06 to Sunday: July 12

You’ll be craving lighthearted, joyful interactions with loved ones on July 10 when the emotional moon pairs up with spiritual Neptune in your fifth house of romance. Allowing yourself to get swept up in the moment and connect on a more spiritual, magical level with others can be truly healing and fulfilling.

At the same time, you’ll do well to guard yourself against taking on other people’s negative emotions as your own. Instead, staying centered regarding how you feel while showing compassion can preempt stress and burnout.

And on July 12, communicator Mercury in your ninth house of higher learning ends its retrograde, moving forward until August 4. You’ll be able to get back to the business of learning and expanding your horizons, perhaps signing up for an online class or making travel plans for the future.


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